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outsourcing Outsourcing
Boost your profit by outsourcing!
We handle your record keeping so you can stay focused on management, revenue growth and profit maximization.
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bookkeeping Bookkeeping
Our bookkeeping services allow you to run your business without the headaches of worrying about paying bills on time, invoicing customers, and preparing payroll.
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tax returns Tax Returns
When your Life Changes, So Do Your Taxes! We continuously monitor federal & state tax law changes to allow our clients to minimize current & future tax liabilities.
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How it Works How it Works
Your back office is just around the corner! It is not as complicated as you might think. It is as EASY AND SECURE as working someone located next door to your office.
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Save money, save time!

  • As much as 50% savings on what you would pay internal accounting staff.
  • No overhead costs associated with hiring, training and maintaining internal finances.
  • Eliminates the tiresome preparation of payroll.
  • Increases the volume of work without having to add extra staff.

Why outsource when you can do it yourself?

Your core job is to manage your business, give better service to your customers and attend to their needs. However there is lot of paperwork to be done but you have little time or inclination to do it.

As business owners, you need to see your income and expense statements, pay taxes and file tax returns at the end of the year, and most importantly, provide great customer satisfaction. But you also want to reduce expenses, so you don’t want to add space and overhead costs. Read more >


We live by a set of shared values that we adopt as an organization. This reflects the way our people interact, behave, work and serve. These are the values that define who we are and what we believe in:



We uphold respect for oneself and others by demonstrating professionalism and ethics. We understand that transition of business processes overseas is a very sensitive issue and so we are committed to safeguarding the confidentiality of our clients’ inquiries and projects.


We take full responsibilities for our actions and the results of our decisions. We recognize established policies and regulations and abide by them to maintain order in managing the affairs of the company.


We consider ourselves as part of a team working well together towards a common goal. We work in an environment where lines of communication are open and differences are settled based on established guidelines.

Customer Centered

Our approach is to build a trusting and lasting relationships with our clients. We create a strong collaborative partnership with our clients by exceeding established parameters. Though we believe in total customer satisfaction, we believe more in being a partner to our clients.
Passion for Excellence

Passion for Excellence

We endeavor to be the best in all undertakings and strive to surpass individual, team, corporate and industry performance. We believe in providing our clients with the highest caliber of people, processes and technologies to help them gain maximum efficiency and achieve significant competitive advantage.
Purpose Driven

Purpose Driven

We are focused on attaining the very purpose of our existence and are committed to accomplishing our responsibilities to clients and the society as a whole. We only offer highest quality service to our clients - more than just promises, we deliver what needs to be done.

General Services

accounts payable

Accounts Payable

  • Process bills
  • Assemble pre-check runs to be approved by client
  • Process checks to be sent to vendors
  • Process Forms 1099 & 1096
Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable

  • Invoicing customers
  • Posting collections
  • Aging accounts receivables
  • Following up customers for unpaid accounts
Payroll Services

Payroll Services

  • Perform all necessary functions for your payroll needs
  • Set up new employees’ accounts
  • Timesheet data entry
  • Process employees’ paychecks
  • Pay payroll liabilities
  • Prepare and file quarterly and year-end payroll reports (W2, W3 941, 940, DE6, DE7)
financial reporting

Financial Reports and Analysis

  • Income statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Financial Analysis
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