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“I partnered with Outsourcing CPA’s and was able to help my small business clients increase their profitability too. This helped me also concentrate on tax planning and management consulting which earns me more money for my time…”

-Julie D. CPA, Julie R. Dhingra CPA-APC

“I definitely increased my profit by 50% by utilizing outsourcingCPA. I do not have to maintain staff.”

Elly A.
Care Manager
Glendale Nurses Registry

“After partnering with OutsourcingCPA, we were able to reduce our Accounts Recievables from $100,000 overdue accounts to $2,000 in just six months and now we just have our current billings as receivables! We are also up to date on paying bills, no delays on paying our nurses and most especially no notices from IRS and EDD for delayed tax payments!”

Josie S.
Advantage Home and Health Services

“Specializing in providing small businesses with prompt and accurate bookkeeping. Special attention given to the Confidentiality and Security of clients’ information.”

Allen P.
DNR Enterprise

“Great people to work with. Understood my issues and responded timely for a reasonable price. I would highly recommend them.”

Edna., Murietta Trading

“Easy to work with, reasonable rates, these guys and gals are great.”

Joshua F., Menea Investments

“I was looking for a bookkeeper for my business and I came across OutsourcingCPA, I have found their prices very affordable compared to others. They are very helpful and down to earth, explaining things in a way that I can understand. I have no hesitations recommending OutsourcingCPA to all small businesses.”

Philip D., Nuclear Elements

“OutsourcingCPA has been taking care of our company’s bookkeeping files for more than a year now and they have been providing us with impeccable service and we found nothing to complain about their quality of work.”

Michael B., Orchids Investments

“I just want to commend OutsourcingCPA for the good bookkeeping work they have been doing for me. No frills, just straight up quality service so we could focus more on improving our own services to our clients.”

William V., from a CPA firm

“OutsourcingCPA has been outstanding in handling my books. With their help, I was able to see and assess the financial status of my business on a regular basis. They also compute and pay sales & use taxes for me which relieved me from the burden of worrying about deadlines. Now I am more focused with the daily operation of my business and since then, I was able to generate more profit.”

Karen J., Neemdirect Holdings